Careers with SSA

KMSSA is a family-run corporation with over 55 accounts all over the U.S.

Growth: From San Diego, CA to San Francisco, CA, all the way to , NY, and down to Miami, FL. We are constantly adding new accounts to the roster; the possibility for upward mobility is endless if you work hard!

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Culture: One thing that we pride ourselves on in this company is the caring, family-spirited attitude, from top to bottom. We truly care about the people that work for us. From the words of our CEO, Sean McNicolas,

“Candidly, losing our core values because of accelerated growth is an where's the gold free download I take seriously. I have seen companies rapidly lose their magic and become too bureaucratic. Growth has the potential of creating inflexibility, where a company becomes slow to react and inefficient at making decisions. Worst, the people who help grow the company stop having fun… We will continue to fight to keep our small family business culture alive and well. Nimble, flexible and quick to make decisions will remain a competitive advantage for us. My job is to make sure we do not lose the foundation of how we do business – with a play baccarat online free. Our word means everything. Deep client relationships will be even more important to us. Together, we will further our new relationships and deepen our long-term relationships. Above all else, we must have respect for the individual and preserve the entrepreneurial spirit.”

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